Why You Should Ask a Staffing Agency to Find Permanent Workers for Your Construction Company

Posted on: 27 February 2017


When a staffing agency plays a permanent placement role for a construction company, it means they are hiring construction workers and then supplying them to the company for an agreed upon fee. Under this kind of recruiting arrangement, the construction workers are placed permanently with the company, and no contractual engagement exists between the workers and the recruiting agency. Here's why you, a construction contractor, should use a staffing agency to find permanent workers.  

Presents opportunity to pool from both the employed and the unemployed construction workers.

Generally speaking, you stand a better chance at attracting more highly skilled and competent construction workers with a permanent job than with a temporary one. When providing permanent placement service, staffing agencies will target potential "passive" construction workers who are looking for permanent positions as well as potential "active" construction workers who are looking for a permanent position that offers better pay and working benefits. Most of the time, these "active" workers are employees of rival construction companies. Therefore, everyone looking for a construction job, whether actively or passively, will be targeted.

Encourages investment in training of construction workers.

If you employ construction workers on a temporary basis, you risk experiencing high employee turnover rates. This is because most temporary construction workers will not think twice about leaving your company when offered with a permanent job opportunity by some other construction firm. As a result, there may be little incentive for you to train your temporary construction staff.

Permanent employment with your construction company, on the other hand, means your investment in training programmes for construction personnel will not be flushed down the drain. The new skills that your workers gain will be used to grow your construction business because the employees will be there to stay for quite a long time. 

Reduces the demand for new construction workers in the future.

Another advantage of employing construction workers on permanent terms is that you can select a smaller team of experienced workers to play a coaching role in the company. This group of employees can identify burgeoning construction workers and train them on how to perform different jobs, so that there's fresh blood left behind to keep the company running smoothly when it is time for the old guards to retire from active employment. This way, you won't have to ask a staffing agency to help you find new construction workers all over again. 

Improves the productivity of construction workers.

Permanent placement gives construction workers a great sense of belonging in their company. Over time, the workers develop a fondness of loyalty and commitment to their company, but also become more productive – they feel that if the construction company goes down, they will go down with it; and, if things get better, they stand to gain from this big time. 

If you're ready to take advantage of the benefits of permanent placement, talk to a staffing agency like DSC Personnel.