Top Reasons Why Steel Carports Sell Very Well on the Construction Market

Posted on: 23 March 2017


When talking about the different types of carports available on the construction market, one can never miss to mention steel carports. Steel carports have become a popular choice for many Australian homeowners, despite their relatively pricier installation. If you have just finished building your new house and building a carport is the next project in line, here's why you should opt for a steel carport.

Steel carports have excellent durability.

When you're considering what type of construction material your carport should be made with, keep in mind that the structure will be exposed to the elements, such as rain, direct sunlight, strong winds, snow, ice and hailstones. 

Steel carports are designed to offer maximum protection against these elements. For starters, steel has remarkably tough and strong, making it offer great impact resistance against elements such as hail stones. For those living in hurricane-prone areas, steel carports can be specially engineered and tested to attain the highest possible wind resistance ratings. And, in locations that receive plenty of rainfall, or experience lots of snow and hail storms, steel still holds up well against the elements, thanks to the waterproofing protective coatings applied onto the substrate metal. 

Therefore, steel carports are a great choice for homeowners who want something that can endure any kind of harsh weather for several years.

Steel carports are cost efficient.

Many homeowners shy away from installing steel carports because they simply consider it to be too expensive. What these homeowners usually can't foresee is that there are significant cost savings tied to installing a steel carport, but these financial savings can only be realised after the investment has been made.

For sure, the initial capital outlay for installing steel carports is higher compared to that for installing other types of carports. But because steel carports are durable and require virtually no maintenance over their entire lifespan, they are a more economical choice. 

Steel carports can be easily put up.

Steel carports can be erected in two main ways: they can be bolted or welded. Both of these installation techniques are well within the capabilities of any seasoned DIYer. While each installation technique comes with its particular set of challenges, all bolt-up and weld-up carports are robust. 

Steel carports can be made portable.

Because steel carports are lighter in weight than comparable ones made with wood or concrete, many of the steel carports found on today's market are made mobile. These carports can be taken down, moved and set up with little manpower, when required.