Home Designs: Custom Window Options to Consider

Posted on: 5 April 2017


More often than not, window designs become an afterthought when designing a home. What some individuals are not considering when contemplating custom home designs is that their windows can open up the residence while also framing the exterior of the structure. With the myriad of options, it is not unusual to find some homeowners getting confused about what design to choose. You can avoid this by establishing whether your windows are primarily for light or for ventilation. Once you know this, you have a better chance of determining what window designs would suit your home. Below are some of the custom window options you could consider.

Bifold window designs

If you are looking for chic yet simple window designs, bifold windows would be a quintessential alternative for your modern home. When opened, the bifold windows will concertina back, which functions to let in maximum light and ventilation to your home. Bifold window designs are also suitable for homeowners looking to create a seamless transition outdoors as they can open out to a patio or a garden. Moreover, since the bifold windows fold in on themselves, they take up minimal space as compared to windows that open either inward or outward. Lastly, because these windows are quite large, you should consider investing in energy efficient glass to ensure that your bifold windows do not allow for thermal loss or gain when closed.

Clerestory designs

This type of window design is fitted right at the top of the wall. The windows will stretch from one end to the other creating one large window. Clerestory windows are steadily gaining popularity due to the numerous benefits they offer. Firstly, they function to enhance the natural light where they are installed. Secondly, they reduce the amount of glare in the room making this design suitable for TV rooms or home offices.

Tilt and turn designs

As the name suggests, these windows will tilt and turn on an axis when they are opened. One of the main benefits of this type of window design is that they do not open fully. This makes them a safer design for homeowners who may have children or pets. They are also simple to clean, which is a bonus for owners who do not want to be tasked with arduous maintenance. Lastly, tilt and turn designs complement any décor and, thus, can be installed in either traditional or contemporary homes.