Five Things to Consider About Epoxy Terrazo

Posted on: 10 April 2017


If you're looking for a concrete protective coating that also looks beautiful, you may want to consider epoxy-based terrazzo. Based on ancient mosaics, this type of protective covering blends contemporary products with old school style, but many consumers still haven't heard of it. Here's what you need to know.

1. Thin Coating

Terrazzo based in cement is one of the oldest forms of decorative floor coverings. It involves setting bits of rock, glass, marble and other items into concrete. To put that over an existing concrete surface greatly increases the depth of the floor, and of course, the concrete is not protected.

With the new system, everything is set in epoxy. That makes the decorative coating extremely thin, and compatible with all types of concrete including interior concrete floors and exterior concrete driveways and patios.   

2. Any Colour

The epoxy used in this concrete coating can be coloured practically any colour. The manufacturer or installer simply has to add the desired pigment to the epoxy. If you want the flooring in your factory to match your walls or if you want a driveway that complements your home, this is a great feature.

3. Endless Patterns

Of course, with epoxy terrazzo, you can have multiple colours in a single design. The individual who puts the epoxy in can set up barriers to create patterns in the coating. For instance, you can create a company logo on your factory floor, a colourful array of rainbows for your restaurant's patio or any other design you like.

4. Interesting Aggregates

If you like, you can put in a epoxy terrazzo coating on your concrete, and just have it be smooth. However, you can also add interesting aggregates to the mix. In particular, you can add small rocks, pieces of marble or other items that help accent your design. Those bits can be embedded deeply into the epoxy or allowed to stick out a bit.

5. Protection

Even if you add lots of aggregates and utilise a complicated design, the final product is durable as well as beautiful. The epoxy also creates a seamless coating over the concrete, and that protects the underlying concrete from moisture or damage. The epoxy also stands up to heavy foot traffic, and it can work in industrial environments as well.

To learn more  about epoxy terrazzo or other types of decorative and protective concrete coatings, contact a concrete specialist.