Porcelain Tile: Why is it the Best Option for Your Bathroom Floor?

Posted on: 10 April 2017


Your bathroom floor is one of the most sensitive areas of your home. Proper attention and care must be directed to this section as it serves all members of the family. The material aspect of the floor can either make it better serving or entirely break it. Considering there are many types of floors in the market ranging from ceramic tiles, stone tiles, heated tile floors, vinyl tiles, and laminate tiles, you may find it difficult making the right choice. Here is why you should consider porcelain tiles for your bathroom floor.

It is Durable

A bathroom is a busy room of the house that operates daily and serves everyone. Therefore, the type of floor used should be able to sustain the pressure of random movements from time to time. It should also be able to handle the different temperatures of water and the moist environment. Porcelain tiles are one of the toughest flooring options that fit such description. Its material forms a combination of dense, hard, and solid making it resistant heavy impact stresses. In addition, porcelain tiles are characterised with a density that makes it resistance to liquid penetration. With other types of tiles, you may experience cases of soaking water which damages the tile itself and the floor beneath by making it weak.

Requires Little Maintenance

We all want something that will serve for long without requesting for much attention. One big advantage of porcelain tiles is they need very little maintenance in order to retain their good looks unlike other types which may demand waxing, polishing, or sealing during the laying process. To help maintain the floor and increase its lifespan, ensure regular sweeping to remove loose debris. Cleaning is also made easy with warm water and a damp mop.

Has High Resistance to Stains

Cases of spilling coloured chemicals on the bathroom floor are common. There are cases where you may try to remove such stains but in vain. With other types of tiles like natural stones, you may be required to constantly seal to stop any stain from leaving a single mark. However, porcelain tiles are designed to be virtually impervious making it difficult for products like wine to make a mark. Spilling anything on this type of floor only calls for a single wipe with a wet mob.

Make the right choice by having porcelain tiles for your floor and make sure you get the right plumber when fixing the tiles. For more information, talk to a professional like Westside Sealants Pty Ltd.