Do You Regularly Lose Your Keys? It's Time to Be Smart!

Posted on: 11 April 2017


Are you the sort of person who regularly loses or at least misplaces your house keys? Perhaps you have the name of a 24 hr locksmith saved into your phone and feel vaguely embarrassed when you need to avail yourself of their services yet again. Your home obviously needs to be secured and while it's an unlikely outcome, lost keys can pose a security risk since you never know who might find them if they are in fact lost while you're out and about. Perhaps it's time to largely do away with conventional keys by embracing smart lock technology.

Smart Lock Technology

A smart lock is essentially a lock that doesn't require a key and opens via an electronic signal. This signal can be manually triggered or can work with a proximity alert. So you would essentially push a button on a fob (much like keyless entry for a car) or would activate a smartphone app. Some compatible smart lock systems also give the option of a proximity alert, meaning that the app will automatically unlock your door when you approach, and will lock it when you walk away.

Power Source

It's important to remember that a smart lock needs a power source to work. This means that you might want to opt for a system that has a manual option, allowing you to use your traditional key if the power was to go out. Some systems have an onboard battery for such an eventuality, but this type of unit might be somewhat more expensive. And anyway, you wouldn't know how long the power might be out! This is why a manual option is always a wise choice when it comes to smart lock technology.

Remote Access

An increasingly common feature which will be beneficial is remote access. This is only available when your smart lock is controlled via an app. It just allows you to unlock your home from wherever you are. This is very convenient if a family member also happens to lose their keys, or perhaps you need to let a visitor or tradesperson inside. It's a feature that is worth paying a little extra for.


Smart locks are becoming more widespread and most locksmiths can easily install them. Your old lock will need to be removed with both a new interior escutcheon (the component of the lock that sits on the inside of your front door latch) and a new exterior component needing to be installed. The marketing for some smart locks might suggest that they can be installed by the homeowner, but it's better to get a professional to supply and fit the smart lock.

It's quite possible that once you have a smart lock you will almost never have to worry about not having your house keys again. For more information, contact companies like Border Locksmiths.