Pool Maintenance: Four Signs Your Pool Pump Needs Repairs

Posted on: 20 April 2017


Whether you clean and skim your pool daily or check the chemical balance after every few weeks, you will most likely find yourself in need for pump repair services. However, most problems may not be evident until the pump becomes faulty and stops working. It helps to know what signs of trouble to look for so that you can avoid costly repairs. Here, you will learn some of the top indicators that your pool pump is in need of professional maintenance. 

Noisy motor

Do you recall how quietly your pool pump ran right after installation? One early sign of pump problems is a noisy motor. The motor is the component that powers the pump, and it comprises of bearings. Over time, these bearings tend to rust when water gets into the motor through a leaky shaft seal. The worn out bearings are the primary causes of the screeching or grinding sounds in the motor. You should replace corroded motor bearings to restore quiet operation. Also, it is essential to get new shaft seals to prevent water leaks in the motor.

Power trip

If your pump motor starts to trip the electrical breaker box more frequently, it could be an indication of an underlying electrical problem. The circuit breaker trips when there is a power surge to protect equipment from overheating or getting damaged. This problem can be an indication that your pump or motor is on its last legs, especially if it occurs when the equipment is old. Replacing the pump or motor may be a better option as compared to repairing it, as it may end up failing even after the repairs.

Water loss in the pool

Have you noticed that the water levels in your pool are dropping every day? This could be a sign that there is a leak occurring somewhere on the discharge side. The water could be leaving the closed system when the motor is running, and this should not be happening under normal conditions. Water loss problems may not cause problems with your pump, but they can significantly increase your utility bills. The pool equipment and valves should be checked for leaks and repaired to prevent water loss.

Murky water

Dirty or green pool water is the most obvious sign that your pool pump or motor could be faulty. Murkiness is an indication that your pool pump is not working efficiently to keep bacteria and other aquatic life out of the pool. The pump may not even be working at all. If you notice that the water is getting dirty very fast, you should have the pump inspected. Also, avoid using the pool until the problem has been resolved.

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