5 Signs You Need to Clean Your Cooling Tower

Posted on: 20 October 2017


Ideally, you should hire a professional to clean your cooling tower on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many cooling tower owners overlook this aspect of maintenance. Here are five signs that you should consider cleaning.

1. Your Sand Filter Has Failed

Most commercial cooling towers have a sand filter. This prevents unwanted dirt or debris from migrating around the system. If your filter has recently failed, you will need to work with a cooling tower repair specialist to get a new filter installed. However, you should also take this opportunity to arrange for cleaning as well.

2. You See Sludge, Algae or Water Scale Deposits on Your System

If notice sludge, algae or water scale deposits on the outside of the cooling tower or on the inside of it whilst doing maintenance, that is another sign that you should get the system cleaned. Professionals cleaners can remove these deposits so that they don't spread throughout your system and lead to any issues.

3. You Want the Cooling Tower to Last as Long as Possible

Without proper maintenance, things tend to break down before they should. To expand on the above point, imagine that sludge is moving through your system, and it gets into the copper pipes leading to the chiller and that prevents the system from working correctly. When you get the system cleaned on a regular basis, you can sidestep these types of issues.

4. You Are Worried About Legionnaires Disease

In some cases, Legionnaires disease can be spread into your facility through your cooling tower. This happens when a particular bacteria is in the cooling tower and it travels through the condenser into your facility. If one of your workers, customers or anyone else in the facility has come down with this issue, that's a sign that you may want to schedule cleaning.

5. You Are Shutting Down the Cooling Tower for the Season

If you only use your cooling tower during some seasons of the year, you may want to schedule a cleaning before you shut down the cooling tower. If water is sitting in the tower while it's in disuse, bacteria or other issues may form. If you clean and empty it, the system will be ready when you're ready to use it again.

To learn more about whether or not your cooling tower needs cleaning, consider scheduling an appointment with a repair specialist. They can analyse the situation and advise you accordingly. For more information, contact companies like Marley Flow Control Pty Ltd.