How your roof helps to shape your perfect home

Posted on: 9 January 2018


If you have a new-build property that requires a roof or an existing home that needs re-roofing you will need to give careful thought to which type of roof will be most appropriate for your situation. A roof is much more than a covering to protect the inside of your building from the cold and the rain.

Choosing the right roof design will enable you to maximise the benefit you gain from your property. Your roof design will impact on the internal layout of your property so you will need to think about what floor plan your property will have, and whether you could make better use of your space with a different style of roof. In most cases the most effective way to produce a roof that is right for your property is to employ prefabricated roof trusses.

Choose a practical solution

Large open-plan areas can be an attractive feature of any home. Why restrict your home design to small, cramped rooms? If you employ timber roof trusses they will let you cover areas longer than 15 metres with a single truss. Timber trusses rarely require internal supports when they cover large distances so a timber truss roof will allow you to include large airy rooms in your property and create an environment that is pleasant to use whatever the weather.

Choose a flexible solution

Roof trusses will form the framework to support your new roof and cover the space above each room in your property. Using timber roof trusses will let you work around hot water systems, skylights and even air conditioning units in the design of your property with greater ease than other roofing solutions. They will let you include options box gutters, raked ceilings and coffered ceilings in a way that would be impossible with other types of roof.

Choose a simple solution

A roof is something that most home-owners want fitted quickly. It isn't usually convenient to have your home open to the elements for a long period of time. Choosing prefabricated roof trusses for your roof design means that the roof trusses will arrive on site ready for fitting. Your workers won't need to spend their time choosing the right position for each truss and then cutting each piece to size. The trusses will just need to be fitted into position in the right place.

Talk to a supplier of roof trusses and find out how trusses can create the perfect roof for your home.