How Can You Customise Your Chain Link Fencing?

Posted on: 28 February 2018


Easily one of the most readily available fencing materials in the market, chain link remains a ubiquitous type of fencing for both commercial and residential applications. The ease of installation that this fencing supply offers coupled with the affordability and versatility of the material makes it a convenient option for a vast array of reasons. However, one thing people can concur on regarding chain link is that it is not one of the more attractive choices you could sect. Nonetheless, this does not mean that chain link cannot blend in with your property's aesthetic. If you want to increase the kerb appeal of chain link fencing to make it blend in with your surroundings, below are a few techniques that you could employ.

Play around with colour

Chain link fencing is primarily utilised either to demarcate barrier lines or to restrict movement. Therefore, it is not surprising that more emphasis is placed on the usability of this fencing rather than its attraction factor. But this does not mean your chain link fencing has to look out of place on your property. Paint is an excellent way of trying to make sure that the chain link complements your property rather than the fence being a conspicuous feature of your residence. Black is a great colour selection for homeowners that would like their chain link fencing to integrate into the background. On the other hand, if the fence is being used to cordon off a play area, bright colours will make the material pop and look more fun and festive.

Play around with wire thickness

Although chain link fencing is distinctly distinguishable from the standard wire thickness and spacing in between in the links, this does not mean that you have to opt for standard fencing supplies. Individuals looking to make their chain link fencing stand out or want a different design for their property can choose to experiment with the thickness of the material and have the space between the links adjusted to their liking. Thicker chain link fencing tends to be highly sturdy and durable, so much so that you could consider implementing it as security fencing on your property. In addition to this, making the gaps between links smaller will make it harder for your fence to be breached while also giving it a more robust rather than see-through appearance. Moreover, you could elect to add supplementary materials to the chain link such a timber panels that would make the fence seem less industrial by adding a rustic touch to its the overall appearance.

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