Residential Garage Door: Four Practical Tips for Minimising Operational Noise

Posted on: 19 January 2019


If your garage door makes a lot of noise during operation, you should plan for immediate garage door service. A loud door can be annoying, and the sounds can destroy the peace in your home. The noise might be bearable during the day. However, if someone opens the door during the night, the sound can be disruptive to both your family and neighbours. Here are some important tips to help reduce the noise produced by your garage door during operation.

Reduce Components Friction

Squeaking is often caused by friction within the garage door components. In simple terms, if the moving parts of your structure are dry and rub against each other, there will be an annoying sound every time the door is opened or closed. You can reduce the squeaking noises and other similar sounds through lubrication. You should begin by lubricating the springs generously. Also, apply oil on the chains if your door has a chain assembly. Ideally, the chain should be lubricated enough to slide without sticking around the gears. In addition, use some lubricant spray around the hinges.

Replace Your Metal Rollers

If your door operates using metal garage rollers, you should consider replacing these components. Metal rollers moving along a metal track tend to generate a lot of noise. The loud vibrations and squeals can be irritating and grating to the ears. You should think about installing nylon rollers as the replacement. These polymeric parts are soft and slide smoothly along tracks. Therefore, the loud noise produced will decline with the change. In addition, these rollers are not too costly, so you can replace all the rollers at once.

Adjust the Door Springs

The loud noise produced by your garage door during operation could be as a result of high impact. This type of sound occurs when your garage door bangs too hard against the flooring. In most cases, this problem can be traced to faulty springs. You might need to tighten or replace your springs. Under ideal circumstance, the springs should be adjusted or replaced by a professional. They are critical components, so poor installation could lead to an accident.

Clean the Components

You should perform some cleanup to facilitate the smooth operation of the garage door. Typically, the tracks in the door systems tend to accumulate dirt and debris over time due to poor environmental conditions. If the rollers move on these filthy tracks, there will be unpleasant sounds. You can promote quiet and smooth performance by wiping the tracks regularly.