What Factors Do You Need to Consider for Acoustic Panelling Products?

Posted on: 28 April 2019


You may find a majority of restaurant customers say that they are not going to eat in an establishment that is too loud. Noise affects the level of comfort anywhere you go, especially when you are trying to sleep. The noise level is only okay if it is controlled and adequate, but it can be unbearable when it is boisterous. The good thing is that acoustic panelling products can be installed in enclosed spaces so they can be soundproof and noise can be eliminated.

Acoustic Panels 

Acoustic panelling products become barriers so that sound is blocked from being able to travel to adjacent rooms. They are also installed to reduce noise in a room. They will soften, diffuse and remove sounds so that there can be a more pleasant environment. There will be no echoes and disturbing noise.

Design and Features

Acoustic panelling products are elegant, come in different sizes, reduce echo and reverberation, improves speech intelligibility and there are unlimited possibilities of designs.

You can choose any design you want. These acoustic panels can have your photos printed on them, messages that inspire you or just about any image you want. You can easily send the link of the print or design you want through the company e-mail, and they will tell you what to expect.


Acoustic panelling products normally have a specified thickness, and the company will give a recommendation on what is best for the place you need it for. Of course, the thicker choices will absorb more frequency, but it is okay if you do not want that. If done right, the bass trap will be enough to handle those.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRC)

If you read the description of acoustic panelling products, you will see the NRC rating written on each. The rating tells you how much sound the panels remove or diffuse. If the panel has a higher NRC rating, it will deaden more sound compared to those that have lower ratings. Therefore, the NRC rating of the foam you choose will depend on how much sound you want to suppress.

The Dimensions/Count

The count size does not mean anything, but if combined, they matter a lot because the surface area wall coverage is what they are made of. The ideal coverage will vary in every room, but find out what the ideal starting point is.

Take these into consideration when you are checking out acoustic panelling products for your room or studio.