Handy Hints to Remember When Demolishing a Building

Posted on: 20 May 2019


Are you about to demolish a building on your land? Building demolition is a complex procedure that can only be done by an experienced contractor. Additionally, the right equipment and techniques have to be used to accomplish the goal and keep everyone safe.

As a property owner, how do you ensure that this process is a success? Before fixing a demolition date with your contractor, there are some things you have to think about. This post will be offering tips you should keep in mind before the wrecking ball gets to the site.

Evaluate what's going and what's staying

The fact that you are demolishing a building doesn't necessarily mean that everything in the compound has to go. Perhaps you want to retain a particular tree, swimming pool or shed. Ensure you know everything you'd like to keep and inform your contractor before the work starts. This way, you'll ensure unfortunate events don't occur during the demolition. This information also determines the scope of work a contractor needs to handle.

Determine who will handle the disconnection services and permits

Before demolition starts, it's essential to know who will organise the disconnection of services and pay for the permit fees. Do you prefer to do it or assign all the tasks to the contractor? This includes functions like the disconnection of water service, telephone service and gas and power meter. When you discuss this with your contractor, the process will be smooth from the start since you and the contractor know your responsibilities.

In case your contractor is assigned to apply for the demolition permit from the local council, ensure the charges or fees are accounted for. Reputable contractors will keep you informed by explaining what's needed.

Have a time plan

Now that you know the expenses you need to pay and have a plan for disconnecting services, it's time to consider the timing. The house demolition should not commence before you acquire the council approval. Then, you also need to make plans on how you'll move your belongings to another house, demolish the old building and start the construction of a new home. Consider partnering with a contractor who will coordinate everything on your behalf to reduce time delays.

When you keep these simple tips in mind, your demolition will be a success, and before you know it, you will have your new house in place. Reach out to a demolition contractor in your area to learn more.