Residential Lakefront Property Upgrades for Year-Round Entertaining

Posted on: 2 June 2019


When you own lakefront property, you may consider upgrades from time to time. These upgrades usually deal with weather protection issues and durability upgrades. However, there are times when you may want to make upgrades to your lakefront property that are for entertaining purposes. Here are some of those upgrades that a marine contractor can help you develop:

Illumination Upgrades

One of the reasons that many people do not use their docks, piers and lakefront living areas is due to illumination. You can create a year-round entertaining space with simple lighting installations throughout the deck and even along the seawall. Your marine contractor can place the lighting along the dock, the pier and in the walkway leading from your home to the lakeside area. If you are concerned about a power source, your contractor can have the lighting run on solar-generated power, and in some cases on hydropower as well.

Built-In Seating

You may have the dock, pier, seawall and a complete entertaining area -- what you may not have is seating. Your issue may be that you don't want to haul seating out to the area or leave seating out in the elements. An option your marine contractor can give you is built-in seating. The seating can be built directly into your pier and dock. It can also be made to hold up to year-round weather conditions including high winds and storms. The seating can be upgraded to serve as storage as well.

Slip-Proof Walking

When you have a lakeside entertaining area, you might have an issue with slipping risks. There is water from the lake that can get onto the pier and dock. You can also have water from rainy weather year round. If it is cold weather, the water can easily turn to ice. One upgrade the marine contractors can offer is to put in slip-proof walking surfaces. This means that your guests do not have to worry about injury during outdoor lakeside parties. This can be vital if you have older guests that could easily slip on damp areas, or children who have the same issue.

When you are ready to move forward with any of these upgrades or other options, contact your local residential marine contractor. They can help with the design plans, construction, alternative options and with installation of the upgrades you choose. They can also answer questions about the construction process and about issues you want to fix with the upgrades you've selected. For more information, contact companies like The Jetty Specialist.