3 Mowing Aspects That Leave Your Lawn Grass Healthier and Greener

Posted on: 18 July 2019


Do you care about how people perceive your home when they visit you? Most of them will not first notice your nice couch, home theatre, playful pets, new window blinds or your lately renovated kitchen. They will instead notice your healthy and green lawn from a distance. So, having a healthy lawn is a critical urban landscape aspect you shouldn't ignore. Don't forget that the type of grass seed you choose and the planting time will determine how healthy your lawn looks. Most people find fall and spring an optimal time to plant empire or palmetto lawn grass seed. According to most empire grass suppliers, mowing is among the critical maintenance practices that leave lawn grass healthier and greener. But how does mowing contribute to this? Keep reading!

1. Mowing Height 

The ideal mowing height for most lawn grass is between 3 and 3.5 inches during the growing season. Perform the first cut in the early spring and the final mowing–one inch less–in the late fall. Mowing your lawn grass at the correct height enhances leaf blade that helps the grass to capture adequate sunlight for photosynthesis. The lawn grass properly utilises the diffuse sunlight if a high cut is maintained. Mowing at the right height helps the grass to develop a deeper root system. This doesn't only help the grass to absorb more water but also helps it to withstand foot traffic, heat and drought.

2. Mowing Hour

You shouldn't mow your lawn grass at any time of the day. Most lawn care experts recommend that you mow the lawn grass either in the morning or later afternoon. Lawn grass is usually under drought, humidity and heat stress during hotter hours, especially in summer. Don't mow your lawn grass when it's very dry or hot. If you do so, the heavy mowing machine will damage your grass and leave tire marks on it. Moreover, your lawn will brown out within a few hours if you mow it when it's hot.

3. Cools the Soil

This concept will sink better in your mind if you consider your lawn to be a little forest. The soil gets more shade when the tree canopy is denser. Likewise, the lawn soil will receive more shade and be cooler with a higher mowing height. The mowed grass clippings are used as mulch that helps in cooling the soil. Most lawn grass types like empire grass cool on warm soils, but not on hot soils. Cooler soil mitigates drought stress and heat, and it also denies most weeds an opportunity to germinate.

Mowing is among the lawn care practices that many people abandon or stop prematurely for some weeks or months. Lawn grass should be mowed a few extra times, especially in late November. Reduce the moving height every week from October until you attain the final mowing height of about 1.5 inches. Mowing your lawn grass at the right time and height also reduces snow mould, winter damage and debris and leaves.