Two Glass Decor Ideas For Your New Bathroom Or Kitchen

Posted on: 24 August 2019


When renovating your home, you'll have many materials to consider for various areas, such as stone, timber and glass. Glass is one multipurpose material that you can incorporate in multiple ways to add a sleek, beautiful element. Read on to find out how to bring it into your bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom Shower

A relaxing spa-like bathroom provides the ideal environment in which to unwind and relax. Glass, with its luxurious aspect, will help to create such a nice ambience. Introduce it in a frameless glass shower, which evokes a sense of spaciousness by maintaining a visually open area. Being transparent, the screens don't block the view but instead highlight beautiful tiles or natural stone within the enclosure. Smooth glass surfaces bounce light around the room, creating a pleasant, bright atmosphere. 

For a more private enclosure, incorporate frosted or tinted glass. Frosted glass is available in various transparencies. You can instil intricate botanical designs or simple geometric shapes onto the glass to add an exquisite decorative surface. Obscured glass is also ideal for bathroom windows, which you can make as vast and expansive as you like with privacy concerns dealt with.

With minimal metal framing, these showers use toughened safety glass, which has up to five times the strength of ordinary glass. As well, it crumbles into harmless rounded pieces when broken. Glass of at least 4mm can undergo the toughening process.

Kitchen Splashback

Like a bathroom, a kitchen features many beautiful hard surfaces which glass combines perfectly with. Glass blends with tiles, stone and timber, thus opening up your design options. A splashback is a perfect way to incorporate a stunning glass element into the aesthetic. You can back-paint the glazing, picking from a limitless array of hues on a colour chart. Mocca, white, cobalt or purple are among the possible colours. Match the splashback to the wall for a seamless transition or contrast the splashback with the benchtop. With endless options, you can select the other elements, such as counter, cabinets and flooring first, and then design the splashback around those components when undergoing home renovations. 

A splashback also uses toughened glass, which can undergo decorative frosting. This treatment creates a beautiful muted effect, as the cloudy glazing dampens the colour on the glass back. Go with softened greens and blues or install a fire-engine red splashback with the refinement of a frosty texture, creating a perfect pairing of bold and discreet. 

For more information, reach out to a home renovation contractor.