The Luxurious Patio Features That You Can Implement Today

Posted on: 23 March 2020


A patio is a great place to eat, play and socialise with friends and family, and many Australians have some form of one in their home.  For a long time patios were seen as quite a luxurious option that was too expensive for most people, but that has slowly changed over the years. Now, with better supply chains and more efficient labourers, a patio is a very cost-effective addition to any home.

Here are a few of the more opulent features in a patio that you should consider for yourself!

Pillar Supports

Pillars were once only found in the palaces of the mega-rich Romans and Greeks, but today almost anyone has access to them. Pillars really add to the aura of your patio and make it feel more relaxing and classy. When creating a space, you want to go with a theme and similar materials/colours. Pillars could be made in many different materials or colours to match the theme that you would like. Pillars can also serve as a centrepiece to build off of because they are easily visible. They are a statement piece no doubt, but they are one you should definitely consider and get a look at in person. 

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains were popularised in films set in plantations and western mansions, like Days Of Heave, where they add an almost dreamlike quality to the gazebos and patios. When done right outdoor curtains seamlessly blend inside and outside living spaces and make the transition feel as natural as the surrounding garden. Outdoor curtains are also built of a sturdier fabric that can better withstand the tough Australian elements. They can be put away when heavy rain or dust storms are approaching. Outdoor curtains can be just the ticket you are looking for to bring your patio together and make a lasting impression on all who visit. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans were once only an option indoors because you couldn't securely keep them in outdoor living areas without rain affecting them. Nowadays, a patio can house a ceiling fan quite comfortably, due to both the increase in water-resistant ceiling fans and clever designs that protect them from any gusts of wind or rain. Most people use their patio in summer, and the number one complaint during this season will be that it is too hot. A ceiling fan mitigates that problem and allows you to enjoy the patio you worked so hard on.