Millennial Home Design Trends That Homebuilders Should Focus On

Posted on: 25 August 2020


According to recent reports, Australian millennials have the second-lowest homeownership rates — 26% — in the world after the UAE. However, this reality has not dampened most millennials' homeownership dream, with 86% rating it as essential. The circumstances are perfect for any home builder looking to make a name in the millennial market. Additionally, your contributions could make homeownership achievable for most millennials. However, you have to understand what potential millennial homeowners want for their homes. This article highlights vital home design trends that home builders should look at to attract millennials' attention.


Australians millennials plan to travel more than other Australians. However, millennials might have to shelve plans considering the current economic hardships; the same reason homeownership seems like an impossible dream. Notably, home builders can solve this problem with a little creativity in the design of millennials homes. For instance, styling backyards and patios like resorts is a surefire way to get millennials to buy into your home designs. It is mainly the case today where the 'staycation' is quickly becoming a popular trend in homes with outdoor living space. Therefore, ensure your designs exude a vacation-like vibe with features such as outdoor mini-kitchens, spa-style pools, and tiki-style patios.

Open Plan, Fewer Rooms

Millennials have busy schedules, a large part of which is taken by their work life. In most cases, millennials only have one day off, which they would like to spend relaxing after a tiring week. Therefore, it is clear why a millennial would want a home that is not stressful when it comes to cleaning and organising. Open-plan home designs are easier to maintain, and it is precisely what potential millennial homeowners want. For instance, a house with an open plan kitchen is easier to clean because there are fewer obstacles (walls and corners) for a vacuum cleaner to go around. It means that a homeowner only needs a few minutes to clean their entire house.

Multipurpose Features

Millennials enjoy each other's company and do not mind having friends over for a couple of days. As such, their homes must satisfy the need to accommodate guests without compromising on design. For home builders, the best way to fulfil this need is to build a home equipped with multipurpose features. For example, a kitchen island with a concealed swivel-like dining table that swings out creates additional eating space for guests, which prevents crowding in a living room. Similarly, wall-built beds provide enough sleeping space when drawn out and serve as a decorative feature when concealed.

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