Do You Need To Install Reinforcement in Your New Concrete Driveway?

Posted on: 16 November 2021


If you are planning to install a brand-new driveway on your property, then you may be opting for concrete construction. You want this installation to last as long as possible, look good and withstand the expected traffic. This will affect your chosen approach. In particular, do you need to reinforce your concrete, or can you get away without this step?

Understanding the Rules

Firstly, you need to always work with a licensed contractor or talk with your local authority. Driveway construction will be regulated by Australian Standards, and your local jurisdiction may dictate that your slab is built to a certain thickness.

When Do You Need To Install Rebar?

A slab that is laid to a certain depth may need to have concrete reinforcement in the shape of a web of steel rebar. This may be particularly important if you expect to park heavier vehicles on the driveway, but you may also need to consider rebar if the underlying ground is disturbed or unstable. In this case, there may be some subterranean ditches, drainage pipes, an undulating water table or other geological issues to consider. So, you may need to reinforce the concrete so that it remains in generally good condition, no matter what may happen beneath.

Other Requirements

If your driveway is particularly expansive, then you may need to consider reinforcement simply due to its size. It may have a tendency to bend or crack during weather extremes, and a rebar web may help avoid significant damage.

What To Consider During Installation

Typically, you will use deformed steel bars to help protect your installation. These are introduced as soon as the concrete has been poured and before it sets. Because of the deformed profile, these bars will more effectively bind with the concrete when it dries. However, you will need to make sure that the steel is properly introduced so that it is able to tie together to form a web. You can choose from different bar thicknesses to vary the strength and space the bars out according to your final requirement.

Handing It Over to the Experts

If you want your driveway to look the part and last as long as possible without degradation, then it is best to bring in a concrete contractor. They will take care of any reinforcement, deal with the regulations and make sure that it is properly installed all at the same time.