How To Create The Perfect Bedroom

Posted on: 21 October 2016


We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. In addition to spending approximately a third of our lives asleep, we use our bedrooms for all manner of other things: to unwind and relax, as a place to read and think, as the location for romantic relationships. Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your life and your home--so don't neglect it! If you have the chance to do home renovations, it's worth taking some time to sit and think about what you can do to make it a perfect space to live, love and sleep.

Let your personality shine through

Your bedroom is your own personal space, and as such you'll love it all the more if you feel like it reflects something about who you are inside. Come up with a theme that you feel reflects your personality: do you want a jewel-toned, Bohemian-themed bedroom, or are light muslins and crisp pastels more your style? Does stripped-down Scandinavian simplicity sing to your soul, or would you rather while away the hours in a glamorous, glittery boudoir?

Pick a group of cohesive colours

Once you have a basic theme, give some thought to the colours you're going to use throughout the room.

The walls: The colour you choose for the walls is going to be the room's main colour. It's what you'll get the most distinct impression of every time you walk in. Make sure you pick something you're going to love as you'll be looking at it a lot! This is also the colour everything else will need to harmonise with.

The woodwork: Your doors, window-frames and skirting boards will all need to be painted--and if you have a dado or picture rail you can paint that in this colour, too. Find a gloss paint that co-ordinates well with your wall colour.

The furniture: Your bed, clothes storage and other bedroom furniture don't need to be a set, but a certain amount of co-ordination between them will help the room come together. Pick something relatively neutral for this: black works for strong, decadent styles, and white is great for creating a light, airy feel. Wood tones are always a winner no matter what look your're going for, as they can be matched to everything--just decide if you want dark-toned woods or lighter shades like pine.

The accents: A consistent colour for things like light features, wall hangings and decorative embellishments on furniture is an excellent way to create a truly cohesive style. There won't be so much of this tone, so feel free to pick something bold--metallics like copper or chrome are a fantastic choice.

Make your habitat as comfortable as you can

Allocate as much of your budget as you can to buying the perfect bed--a cheap bed is often a false economy, as it will affect the quality of your sleep and will need replacing much more quickly. People tend to sleep best in cooler, darker rooms, so ensure your curtains are sufficient to block light. If you'll be doing a lot of makeup or work in your bedroom, ensure you've got a well-lit and comfortable area to sit in as you do.