Creative Uses of Tree Stumps After the Tree Felling Process

Posted on: 9 September 2018


Tree felling is sometimes necessary to trim trees that can pose risks to your home or your neighbours. Once a tree is felled by a tree removal service, the stump typically remains behind. While most homeowners view tree stumps as a liability, they can actually become an asset for your outdoor space.

Tree stumps don't have to be annoying structures that breed insects or cause your children to fall over when playing outside. In addition, don't hesitate to fell a cumbersome tree because you don't know what to do with the stump that remains behind. Follow these creative tips to make your tree stumps more useful for the home.

Tree stumps as natural vases

If the tree that was felled had a trunk with a unique shape, you can use the stump as a natural vase for your flowers. The base of the stump can provide a unique shape and feel, with attractive flowers planted at the top of the tree stump. You can hollow out the middle of the tree stump to create a housing for your flowers.

Be creative and experiment with different colours and flower species. You can even choose to paint the tree stump in a colour that will complement the flowers at the top. In this way, you end up with a natural tree stump vase on your outdoor space.

Tree stumps as garden centrepieces

If the tree that was felled was in front of the home, you can design a driveway or paving around the tree stump. This essentially turns the tree stump into centrepiece that draws attention to the front of your home.

Add an attractive edging around the tree stump, along with beautiful flowers or roses on top. For a centrepiece, colour is everything. Use the right coloured flowers on top of the tree stump to draw attention to the structure.

Tree stumps as nursery beds

Your tree stumps can also serve as effective nursery beds. You can curve out hollow spaces on the top surface and add mulch in controlled quantities. Seeds can then be planted in this isolated space to provide optimum conditions for growth.

The raised and separated surface of tree trunks provides excellent protection for sensitive seeds to grow exactly how you would prefer. When the seedlings are mature enough, they can be transplanted to the garden.

Tree stumps as flowerbeds

You can also turn short and wide tree stumps into flowerbeds for your garden. Cut out a deep hollow space into the tree stump and add soil/mulch to begin growing your flowers. You can then surround the tree stump with grass or a regular garden, where the stump itself provides a unique backdrop to your outdoor space.