Construction Planning: Should You Consult a Land Surveyor?

Posted on: 10 March 2021


If you are preparing for the construction of a new building, you should think about the need for professional land surveying services. Often, this consideration is overlooked because most people focus on the more exciting aspects of development such as design. It is important to keep in mind that land surveying is a critical element in construction. Simply speaking, this process will evaluate the site factors and conditions and provide guidelines for successful development. Here are considerations to help you decide if you are uncertain about the need for land surveying.

Consider Regulatory Issues

You should think about potential legal issues which could compromise your development project. In simple terms, there are regulations imposed for different types of built structures. If you make a mistake during the planning and construction processes, you will have to deal with significant losses and even legal penalties. If you are not sure about the regulatory issues concerning zoning, area planning and structural risks, you should plan for a survey consultation. This will allow you to discuss these and other related issues.

Plan for Potential Disputes

It is advisable to think about the potential disputes that might arise during the construction project. Most of these disputes can be prevented or resolved using the results from a land survey. Simply speaking, the most common problem that you might have with other property owners is encroachment. If you begin your work without checking on your property boundaries, you might end up 'stealing' a piece of the neighbour's land. This could result in a major legal problem. It is also important to consult a land surveyor for other information relating to your property. For instance, easements and encumbrances can be a source of disputes during constructions. You should check on these aspects and avoid violations that could cause legal disagreements.

Utilise Report for Planning

The process of planning for the construction of a building requires a lot of understanding of the land condition. In simple terms, you cannot build a great structure without taking into account the appearance of the land. Keep in mind that a good building design can be ruined by a poor understanding of the lot. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a land surveyor for more information about your land before engaging an architect or specialist designer. The survey process will provide critical details on aspects like topography, orientation and elevations. If you have a detailed report, you will be able to customise your building for optimal structural performance and aesthetic appeal. 

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