3 Tips for Your Shopfitting Project

Posted on: 20 September 2021


Shopfitting is a sure way to make your retail space stand out and attract your customers. The extract below offers some insights into how shopfitting works and how it can improve your project.

1. Do Not Copy—Be Original

A mistake made by most businesspeople is replicating shopfitting works. For example, if you own a restaurant, you could want your space to resemble a particular restaurant. However, taking this route could negatively impact your business. Customers want a different atmosphere and ambience when they visit your shop. Copying a design makes your business look like a franchise, which it is not. Therefore, you must be original.

Visit shopfitting websites and consult with designers to establish what would work in your space. Additionally, incorporate your brand colours and logo in the shopfitting design. In such a way, customers will identify with you when they visit the shop. 

2. Improve the Functionality

Why do you want to conduct shopfitting works? It could be that your current setup makes the space feel cramped, match up with your competition, increase sales, or improve the comfort of customers who visit your shop. These reasons should be your guiding principles when designing the new space. For example, if the area feels small, you could pull down walls and increase the flow of natural light. If you want to keep up with your competition, you could work on incorporating large signage to make your shop visible.

If you intend to increase sales, include appealing displays and incorporate stopover points inside the store for customers to view your most profitable items. You could also use backlighting to make products stand out. If you intend to make customers comfortable, consider utilities such as lounges with cable TV, Wi-Fi and free drinks. Air conditioning and excellent lighting will also increase customer comfort. 

3. Vet Your Shopfitting Contractor

Your shopfitting contractor should be a highly experienced and motivated individual who understands your needs and is willing to help you accomplish your dream. The general principle is that you should vet the contractor before awarding them the contract. For example, ask the individual to organise a site visit to some of their ongoing or complete projects. Additionally, inquire about the services that they offer. For instance, do they have experienced designers who can send several proposals before the works commence? The contractor should also give a reasonable quote and a time estimate for the works. 

To learn more, contact shopfitting services.