A Guide On Land Surveyors

Posted on: 24 June 2022


A land surveyor is a professional charged with mapping and dividing the land. However, most people do not know when they need a surveyor's services. Even worse, they do not know what to consider when looking for a surveyor. Below is an article discussing when you need a surveyor and how to hire a professional. With luck, it should help you avoid expensive oversights. 

When Do You Need A Lands Surveyor? 

A surveyor's input is valuable when you need to create a sub-division. For instance, you could want to sell part of your property. The professional examines the proposed subdivision plan to ensure its viability and legality. Remember, local councils have stringent subdivision regulations. They help prevent real estate from losing its value. Typically, the professional begins by checking the size of the new plots. Ideally, they must meet the minimum plot size requirement. 

Moreover, the surveyor informs you about the required amenities in the new plot. For instance, they should have access to power, water, and gas. How practical is the subdivision? Most people prefer to purchase land with a square or rectangular orientation. Properties with sharp triangles are challenging to develop since the developer has to design a house with odd shapes. Does the new division have an access road? If not, it will be difficult to sell the property. Finally, the surveyor will help you apply for the required permits and follow up with the lands department to secure the new titles. 

Suppose you intend to purchase land; a surveyor's input will come in handy. The professional conducts a search to determine whether the property is legally registered to the seller. Moreover, they check local land maps to determine the exact property boundaries. Their due diligence could also reveal essential information, such as the presence of underground utilities on the property and current easements. The professional will also acquaint you with the property laws and ordinances that could affect how you can use the land. 

What Should You Consider When Hiring A Surveyor? 

Your guiding principle when hiring is their competence. Besides training, check whether the surveyor is certified to practice by the local authorities, resident associations, and professional bodies. It guarantees the surveyor is well versed with the land laws in your locality. Then, assess the surveyor's speciality. If possible, consider local surveyors since they have long-term relationships with the local lands office officials. It gives them the upper hand when working since they know who to consult, the permits needed, the subdivision charges, and future regulations that affect land use in the area.   

Contact a local land surveyor for more information.